About Our School

At the Brooklyn Academy for Global Finance (BAGF), it is our mission to prepare students for both their post-secondary education and the global economy.  BAGF provides an environment where students are academically challenged and are able to experience the real-world applications of their learning, through exciting internships and other opportunities to interact with our partners in the business and financial industries.  

Our values of academic rigor, financial literacy, awareness of the diverse cultures and economies of the world, and exposure to and experience in the corporate world are evident in our coursework and interdisciplinary curricula.  Field trips, job shadowing, and internships give students a unique and up-close view of the financial industry. 

Students study a sequence in business and finance along with high school requirements leading to either a Regents Diploma or an Advanced Regents Diploma and admission into college. All students complete a rigorous curriculum aligned to NYS State and Common Core Learning Standards. 

Our Finance and Business curriculum is provided by the National Academy Foundation (NAF) and is aligned to industry standards. Students build a portfolio of their learning and development of their professional identity through their four years in the school culminating in a presentation to a panel prior to graduation. Students are also  exposed to college, with an emphasis on degree programs in business and finance.  

NAF Certified Graduates are eligible for NAFTRack Certified Hiring with a variety of NAF partners, including AT&T, Cisco, EMC, HP, JPMorgan Chase, Juniper Networks, KPMG LLP, RBC Capital Markets US, Verizon and Xerox.

Our Partners/Programs

We are honored to collaborate with the National Academy Foundation (NAF) and other industry partners to provide real-world business experience including job shadowing, guest speakers, workshops, industry trips and paid internships for our students. 

We also have many exciting partnerships with post-secondary institutions and community organizations:


http://naf.org/ https://www.nfte.com/